Having a parrot

A lot of people have different pets which have specific needs. The truth is that everyone who is willing to buy or adopt an animal should be aware of the responsibility that they will take. Pets could be our best friends, so we should treat them right.
People need to be prepared about their new roommates‘ habits.
Some of these spectacular species that need a lot of attention and cares are the parrots, especially the big ones such as:

  • Cockatiel
  • Cockatoo
  • Ara

Friendly environment for your bird

These parrots are one of the most sociable animals but in order for you to keep a good ‘relationship’ you have to create a fun and loving atmosphere. If course the process is two-sided so the bird you choose has to show interest is playing and comunicating with people even if it doesn’t know them. They need very spacious room and cage. You should know that they have enormous wings which need space in order to be spread. Also your rooms should be bird proof because you don’t want your pet to get lost or hurt. It could be a problem if you decide to move out, because of this extra luggage but you can use man and van services near you. Qualified people will pack the cage for you and it will be safely transported.

Tips for good owners

Of course there will be times when you and and your bird won’t be together, especially at night, so make sure that the cage always has fresh water, tray for droppings, a swing and maybe a toy for your little friend. Sometimes birds fall asleep easier when it’s dark, so it’s recommended to cover the cage with a piece of cloth and street lights won’t disturb your parrot. Another thing that you should know is that these feathery fellows love to eat fresh food including apples, spinach celery and carrots. When it comes to fun, introduce some toys such as ropes, bells, cups and teething toys but remember that they will get bored and you will have to replace the old ones with new toys. Also parrots love to listen to music, to sing and sometimes they can watch a movie with you. No matter what you choose to do it will be fun for both of you.

There are some routines, that birds really love, for example taking a bath, but you should let it alone to decide when to get wet. Speaking of routines, you should spend a lot of time everyday to talk to your parrot and to socialise it. You can take tours around your home with your pet on your shoulder, teach it some tricks or sing with it.

It really is a lifetime commitment but if you have time and will, you will have a perfect companion and every minute will be worth it. Don’t forget to make some photos and videos of your games and fun because it’s a good example for other parrot’s owners.