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Most removal companies limit themselves to providing only the basic set or moving services. However our company does it’s best to offer our customers the complete set needed for a successful and convenient removal. For that reason we decided to complement our removal services with offering storage services in Manchester to our clients. We know that sometimes a relocation is not as simple as loading all the items on a van and transporting them to a new place. Sometimes there are additional inconveniences – whether your company’s new office is not ready yet or the previous tenants of your new home have not left yet. And sometimes people are in need of some storage space. No matter what the problem we’re ready to provide the solution.

Our service for storage in Manchester is right for you if:

  • Your business relocation is taking longer than expected and you need a place to store your office equipment temporarily

  • There is a delay between moving out of your old home and moving into the new one

  • You’re using our moving services and would like your items picked up on one day but transported and delivered on a different date

  • You’re in need of a simple and affordable storage service

We tried to set up our storage services in Manchester the same way we did with our removal services so we try to personalize the service as much as possible. From flexible pricing to unlimited storage time. We can keep your items in storage for both short and long periods of time. The storage services is separate from any other of our services. You’re not required to use one of our removal services to store an item with us so if you just need some item or items kept safely for a couple of weeks you’re more than welcome (although we do recommend you using our removal services as well).

There is no limit to the amount of time you keep your items with us and you will have an easy and quick access to your belongings. All items are kept in a safe and most importantly – secure environment so you don’t have to worry about their condition. Do note that you must inform us if an item you store with us required specific conditions when kept. We are ready to provide the needed environmental conditions, space and temperature required.

As with all our Manchester man with van services, our prices are very affordable. We have various pricing plans to offer to our customers depending on storage space and the period our services are used. We’re prepared to offer individualized pricing plans to our customers.

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