Property Removals are Going Smart

It seems that smartphones and mobile apps are taking over more and more aspects of daily life, which is the logical and expected thing – after all advancements in technology are supposed to make everyday life easier and more manageable for everyone out there.
Specialised man and van removals are making no exception. In the last few years, developers (who may have had to move places in the past) are coming up with clever new mobile apps which provide advice and assistance with a variety of issues concerning the average property removal.
It must be noted though, that due to the specific nature of property removals in different countries around the world, the mobile apps available right now are somewhat localised in their use and application. In other words, if a removal app was developed for US or Canadian property moving, it would contain specific features, which may be irrelevant for apps aimed at UK property removals.
To get a broader perspective over these smartphone apps, below are listed some of the more widely used examples. Having said this, brand names and developers will not be mentioned as there is no such thing as free lunch or free advertising for that matter.
‘The Advice App’ – This clever little app is jam packed with invaluable advice and tips aimed at first time movers, as well as those seasoned in moving home or office. The app also assists people with finding the most suitable man and van removal company covering their area.
‘The Rent App’ – This particular one is a beaut, it helps people who are moving out of a rental property to find another suitable rental property in an area of their choice. Information provided to users covers rental amounts, available properties right now, opinions and feedback from other tenants etc.
‘The Car Removal App’ – Sometimes, along with the rest of the property contents, people also need to relocate motor vehicles such as restored automobiles or bikes, project or hobby cars etc. and most of the time these are either non-drivable or not roadworthy. The app provides info on man and van removal companies which can organise and handle the specialised relocation of motor vehicles.
‘The Extras App’ – This application is quite handy if people require specific additional options to be included as part of their default property removal service. The app returns information to users on man and van removal companies in their area which offer the service option in question.
‘The Storage App’ – This one is quite self-explanatory. The piece of software provides information to users on the nearest storage facilities and the respective rates and periods for which items can be stored. Users can key in different criteria like storage duration, volume of items etc. and receive an accurate estimate.
‘The Temporary Accommodation App’ – In case your next destination or property is not quite ready to receive you yet, by all means find the nearest and most suitable temporary accommodation by using this app. Let the app know what type of accommodation you need, how much you are looking to pay, how long you need to stay etc. and you will be provided with a list of available places near you.