Six Christmas Markets That Everybody Should experience in person

The winter season in Europe is magical and breathtaking. Along with it come some of the finest Christmas markets on the planet. Here are some that you should absolutely visit during your travels.

  1. Christmas Market in StrasbourgStrasbourg – The French city of Strasbourg was the first in Europe to organise a Christmas themed market in 1570. The event was known as “Christkindelsmärik” which literally translated means “Market of the Infant Jesus”. Since then the city has been known as the Capital of Christmas due to the fact that it holds an annual Christmas market from the 27th of November to the 31st of December.
  2. Vienna – Vienna’s Christmas market is one of the most visited in the world. IT is held from November the 13th to December the 26th and is a truly magical experience as numerous merchants open kiosks in which they sale a rich selection of seasonal gifts and Christmas delicacies.
  3. Lille – This is another Christmas market that is held in the northern areas of France. The city of Lille is transformed into a Christmas village from the 18th, November to 30th, December and is one of the most popular on the planet. During the event over 80 cabins open doors and offer to the market’s guests gifts, decorations, and tasty dishes. Some of the chalets are held by foreign craftsmen who come from Russia, Canada, Poland and other parts of the world.
  4. Brussels – The Brussels Christmas market continues for a total of five weeks (27th, November to 3rd. January) and is one of the main tourist attractions of the Belgian capital. The venue is packed with colourful stalls which sale astonishing handmade gifts, Christmas tree decorations and seasonal treats. An ice-skating ring is opened nearby the market and in the middle of it is situated a tall and beautiful Christmas tree. The event is known as the Winter Wonders and is held at the historic town centre of Brussels.
  5. Manchester – The Manchester Christmas Market is put to place by the city council and is reputed as the oldest and biggest in the United Kingdom. It is also one of the most anticipate Christmas related events in Britain. It starts on the 14th of November and ends at the 21st of December. During the market numerous attractions are set throughout the venue that hosts it along with booths that sale all kinds of Christmas merchandise. So if your move to the city via man and van services in Manchester is over by then, make sure that you go at the market. But before you do so, be certain that you have arranged all the details with the man and van company that handled your relocation.
  6. Aachen – Aachen may not be the biggest and most renowned German city but it organised a truly amazing Christmas market. Every year the streets and squares around the Town Hall and Cathedral are converted into a true festival of Christmas which gathers both the older and younger denizens of Aachen. The market lasts for a little more than a month, from 20th, November to 23rd, December.