The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Student removals take up a large portion of man and van companies’ business nowadays, but in addition to the in-city moves, more and more students enrolled into higher education institution choose to spend at least a year of their studies abroad. And it is a good thing on so many levels. Studying abroad teaches you a lot of things that you will not have the chance to get in touch with if you stay in your home town, or even in your own country, gives you unparalleled life-experiences and according to everyone who has ever done it – it might very well turn out to be the best thing that is going to happen to you in your life.

Female-studentFor starters, studying abroad puts you in a whole new environment and exposes you to a culture that is considerably different when compared to the one you have been brought up in. You will have to get use to everything – from the language to the food and the way public transportation is in your new country of residence. Even if it is not entirely up to your liking – and experience tells us that it is pretty unlikely to be so – you will have to get used to it, which is an important experience, one that will teach you skills you will not acquire if you spend your entire life in London, Manchester or Liverpool. This ability to adapt will definitely come in handy in your later life.

Another way in which studying abroad will broaden your world-view and make you a better person is the multi-cultural community in which you will find yourself into. Sure, most British cities today have vibrant and colorful communities, but it is different when you are the foreigner for once. Furthermore, you are going to meet people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, life-stories and views on the world.  Don’t underestimate the impact that they are going to have on you.

Furthermore, at the university yourself you are going to have the chance to see what a different educational system looks like. Again, you may like it, or find it of a lesser quality than the British one, but the fact remains that it is going to be different – which is the really precious thing in the given circumstances.

Last but not least, you will be on your own. No matter how many great people you are going to meet, and how helpful the administration at your university is, you will be the sole person responsible for your own well-being. You will have to learn, and learn quick, how to handle situations you have previously known that you can count on your parents or the people from your community.   Learning how to survive on your own is just the crash course you need in order to become a better, independent human being – and the best quality that you can acquire from your time living abroad. So, don’t wait up, check if your university offers an ERASMUS program or something.