The Mythical Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral is the official seat of the Anglican Church. The cathedral is described by many as the most beautiful cathedral of England and is also one of the country’s holiest and most recognized pilgrimage sites.

Canterbury CathedralCanterbury Cathedral became a pilgrimage site during the late 12th century when Archbishop Thomas Becket was cruelly murdered in the cathedral by four English knights who were allegedly following the orders of King Henry II. Three years after his death, Archbishop Becket was canonizes. It was at the same time that King Henry II decided to make the cathedral the centre of English Christianity. Many historians claim that this decision was a direct consequence of King Henry II regret of having the archbishop killed. The spot were Thomas Becket had died is presently marked by a solitary candle.

The cathedral is located in the city of Canterbury which lies on the route that connects the capital of England, London to the English Channel port of Dover. The city dates back to the 1st century but gained prominent during the late 6th century when St. Augustine decided to make the city his base for his mission of converting the local Anglo-Saxons into Christianity. St. Augustine was the first Archbishop of Canterbury. The importance of the Canterbury Cathedral in the Christian community was further immortalized when renowned English poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote his epic 14th century poem “The Canterbury Tales”. The poem recounts the tales of a group of pilgrims who traveled from London to the shrine of St. Thomas Becket.

During the events of World War II, much of the cathedral was destroyed by the German air raids. However the most important features of the edifice, several 12th and 13th century stained-glass windows were spared. The windows are so important that throughout the duration of the war, the locals frequently removed the windows to keep them safe. The most famed stained-glass windows of the cathedral are known as the Great West Window, the Bible Window and the Miracle Window.

Canterbury Cathedral can be easily access via several English cities. However most pilgrims and visitors tend to set based in London and travel to the city of Canterbury via train or automobile. However some travelers prefer to get accommodated in the city of Canterbury is order to have an easier access to the cathedral.

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Once you reach the city of Canterbury, don’t visit only the cathedral as the city has plenty of interesting sites which you and your family will enjoy to see.