Winchester – best place to live in UK

A well-known British newspaper has ranked Winchester, England as the best city to live in Great Britain. The thing that made Winchester stand out the most, was its ‘feel good factor’ which combined with its food festivals made the city ‘a tasty slice of authentic history’. On the more everyday side of life, in the last few years Winchester has been promoted as the best city in the UK based on low crimes, enough employment, good schools and plenty of tourist attractions. Home to about forty five thousand people, Winchester benefits from its location – only an hour or so by train out of London. Although, local unemployment rate is as low as 0.6%, many people appear to be priced out of the housing and rental market in Winchester, then again that’s nothing new to those living and renting in London. If however you have plans to move to Winchester for work or just to move away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, there are many good removals companies able to provide the right service.

Winchester is an ancient British settlement, having been founded circa 150 BC, it was chosen as King Alfred the Great’s English capital, yet some believe it may actually be the site of legendary Camelot – King Arthur’s capital. Winchester has something for everyone, from ancient history to trendy food festivals and theatre. The city is well known for the largest farmers’ market in Great Britain. It is also home to one of Europe’s largest cathedrals – a solid tourist attraction. Another place of interest in Winchester is the fully restored Edwardian theatre. More conventional tourists should definitely enjoy the many restaurants and upmarket shops throughout the city. As per city mayor Angela Clear, it is the blend of history and lively modern atmosphere that makes Winchester such a nice place. There are events and happenings in Winchester all year round, whether it be a food festival or a large market gathering there is always something on.

Winchester hasn’t always been so nice apparently. In two thousand three, it actually appeared in a book naming and shaming Britain’s worst towns – obviously a lot has changed since. However, Winchester remains expensive – as per many people living on a budget there is quite a problem, furthermore rents and house prices are also quite steep. Others see Winchester as a highly polarised place in terms of income and wealth and poverty. Winchester is indeed an expensive place to live. The average house price in town is about five hundred and twenty thousand pounds, while the average rent for a one bedroom rental place is about eight hundred and twenty pounds a month. In the last five years, house prices in Winchester have risen by 30%, with 10% increase in the last year alone. The most expensive area in Winchester right now is Sleepers Hill – with average house prices along the area’s main residential street, averaging about one and a half million pounds. Soaring home prices are pushing some local people out of the rental as well as house market.