Beach Or Pool: How To Relax After The Removal

So you’ve moved and it’s time to relax a bit. Changing homes is quite exhausting and taking a week off after the whole ordeal is over. Choosing the location is one thing, but there is another principle choice to make – if you’re off to a sunny location, would you be dipping in the sea or drinking cocktails round the pool.

Choices define us as humans and while some situations in life a very important and require great presence of mind, others are not very crucial but still can cause quite the stir between friends. So similarly to what is nowadays popular on the internet we will say: there are two types of people – these who prefer swimming pools and these who would love to sunbathe on the beach. And as always there are a number of pros and cons regarding each of these otherwise fine ways to spend some free time. Both instances, however have things in common:

  • Sunbeds
  • Umbrellas
  • Towels
  • Water
  • Heat

poolMost hotels currently also have swimming pools in addition to other perks such as bars, saunas etc. This is where people’s opinions are divided. This mainly derives from the fact that fellas usually need to drive or travel a long distance before they get to the seaside. This is why visiting the beach sounds like this lifelong dream which changes our life completely once fulfilled. These people usually suggest that it is pointless to cover all that distance and lie on a concrete patio next to a pool. Big cities away from the seaside also have public pools, right? Then just stay in your hometown and don’t bother us at our fine beach.

Being at the beach simply feels authentic, people say. Not only that you see this immense volume of salty water with it but you also get waves and sand thus completing the picture. We have seen it all in movies or TV. This where guys play volleyball and girls watch them. There are people selling food and kids building sand castles. Many times you have the opportunity of seeing someone ride jet ski somewhere in there. In fact you can be this person as the possibilities to rent such things are numerous.

You do not need to take part in the volleyball games in order to be active. You can simply go for a walk when you feel bored with just lying on your towel or your sunbed. And as far as the most exciting part goes, namely the waves, it is really fun to kids and grown ups alike. Having waves really adds to that specific feeling that you are actually at the sea. In some countries waves can be very big and people do surfing. You can even opt to have top class lessons there. This sport can be quite addictive and it may even be the cause for many people to actually move away from their hometown and settle near the seaside. Imagine going through the hassle of a removal just to make sure that you can surf. Of course there are professional relocation companies which will move your household cheaply but still, you need to know what you are doing. So these are pretty much all the arguments why you should sit at the beach instead of staying at the pool at your hotel. But is all of that good enough? And is it good at all. On its face the beach looks like a lot of fun but here is what the pool supporters say.

Before we start with the more in depth arguments we will mention one of the more shallow ones. Since you paid for it and since your hotel has it and offer is for free, you might as well just use it. This goes for most perks hotels have but the pool is definitely the frontrunner. If you stay at your hometown you need to arrange special visits to your local public pool. And it can be a drag, you need to pay to enter and you usually end up staying there all day long. At your hotel the pool is under your window. You can go there for as long as you want. Convenience is a lucrative thing and is an essential part of any business model. Hotels know it for sure.

beachIn the end it is all about relaxation. If you’ve just moved from Bramhall you must find the most efficient way to fully recharge your internal batteries. So make sure you have the most fun and be as comfortable when vacationing as possible.

One of the more important things is having it all peaceful and quiet. The beach rarely offers that. Don’t expect to just lie down and chill at a public beach. There is loud music, there are just too many people with little kids. Nobody will care about your vacation, heck they don’t even care about you and your spot. Kids run around screaming and kicking a ton of sand all over you, your face and your towel. Many times you simply feel dirty when you go back from the beach.

Another huge thing is pollution. Beaches are rarely clean and this is not because local authorities do a bad job (well maybe some do). It is because people dump stuff wherever they want. You are constantly in danger of stepping on a piece of plastic or a cigarette as you walk on the sand. What if you something ruptures the skin on your foot and you need to seek immediate medical attention? That is not a good vacation according to us. A lot of families also bring a dog along. Needless to say pets do their natural biological processes wherever they can, especially at the beach. The condition of the water is often similar to the one of the sand. The more crowded a beach, the more polluted the water. In some countries it even changes colour and becomes cloudy. Imagine all the body fluids and garbage which people leave behind. Disgusting indeed.

The swimming pool at your hotel gives you a feeling of cleanness and pleasure. The water is always filtered and the temperature is controlled. You can have a drink and even a small meal right beside the water and it is also pretty close to your room. The best part is that only guests of the hotel are allowed there and those will significantly reduce traffic around you. All in all you are guaranteed to have a more peaceful time at your pool and not the beach. That is unless there are a bunch of children splashing and screaming.