How to Serve Wine

Many would say that serving wine is a form of art. So here is a quick tutorial on how you should do it in case you aren’t too familiar with the art of wine serving.

WineOpening – The trick into opening wine is to do it without breaking the cork or dropping it pieces into the neck of the bottle. So the first thing that you should do is to purchase a wine opener with which you feel comfortable. Know that there are many types of bottle openers, so ultimately you will be able to find an opener that suits you best. The next thing that you should do is to practice your bottle opening skills. However don’t use expensive wine for the bottle opening practice. Instead opt for cheap wine.

Temperature – This is perhaps the trickiest part of wine serving as different types of wine have different serving temperatures. For example Champagne, sparkling wine, sauvignon Blanc and other types of white wine should be served at a temperature of 1.67 to 4.44 degrees Celsius. You can achieve these temperatures by either placing your wine bottles into the fridge for about 90 minutes or into an ice bucket for about 20 minutes. Red wines on the other hand should be served warm (approximately 13 degrees Celsius). So never under any circumstances place your red wines bottles into the fridge. Instead arrange them on a wine rack.

Breathing – All wines require to breathe oxygen when they are opened. However the breathing time isn’t the same for all types of wine. For instance Bordeaux should be allowed to breathe for about 60 minutes before being served. Most wines can be served within five minutes of opening.

Serving – Always serve the wine with the aid of a decanter. The decanter will improve the taste of the wine, remove wine sediments from aged wines and will allow the wine to breathe. Last but not least decanters are aesthetically pleasing. Also don’t use ordinary glasses when you are serving wine. Know that all types of wine have their own type of glass in which they should be served. If you don’t have the right type of glass, opt for traditional ones with a large bowl. Remember to never serve new wine in the same glasses as an old wine. So if you have finish a nice bottle of Merlot don’t serve the Malbec in the same glassed as the new wine will mix with the old and will lose its unique taste qualities.

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Bonus tip: Never under any circumstances fill the wine glasses to the top. Always leave ¼ of the glass empty, so that the wine can breathe.