Reality Shows

People love fame. Even the ones living in the most distant countryside want to be on TV. They want to have flashy things and drive fast cars. Everyone likes having cameras and lights shoved up their face. On the other hand TV people and producers love ratings because that leads them to making money. Add to this the hunger for new TV shows and that’s how you get all these reality shows that run on TV every day. They started off as simple silly shows but they’ve evolved throughout the years immensely.

CameramenReality shows managed to stay on top of everything else that is shown on TV because they show “reality”. That’s why their name. Their main philosophy is that everyone can become a star without the need of any sort of preparation. Basically the model states that even if you are just a regular guy who runs a man with a van business in Manchester but is good at singing under the shower, you have a shot at becoming the next big music star if you take part in certain shows. Such shows across the UK and the rest of the world are The Voice or X-factor. These are music shows where common folk can sign up and go to an audition. It is required that you aren’t a professional singer actually. This is how they encourage every single person with basic singing skills to show up and try their luck. Here’s the fun part though. During the first auditions hundreds of people come. Here’s the catch – only a little part of them can perform decently. The rest are awfully bad and just make a fool of themselves. Then during the prime time the episode runs and the whole nation laughs at these guys which voice resembles a rusty metal door being scratched by a dog. And this is why everyone who doesn’t participate in these shows, watches them.  It is because we want to see others in difficult situations. But I am not talking about movies or series – just real life situations. This is what impresses us – seeing somebody else trying to figure out what to do on camera. If they fail we are happy because we are sure we could have done better. But if they succeed we are half-way happy and look for an excuse why we can’t do such a “hard” accomplishment.

The largest talent show on Earth “X got talent” (where X is the name of the country) is simply amazing. It is one of those reality shows that do not rely on cheap tricks and silliness in order to be watchable. You see people with amazing talents performing on a stage in front of judges and these performers basically have only one shot. If something doesn’t go your way you are probably going out of the show. The thing is that if you manage to survive till the next round you will need to improve and develop your number so that you can stay relevant.