The Deals You Can Get by Renting a Storage Unit

Every once in a while, especially when you are moving homes, you need to get some items – furniture, decoration or even books and paperwork, away from your property. You would want those items to be taken good care of and that is when you start looking for storage services.

Storage UnitMany man and van companies today offer very comprehensive services related to storage. The problem is that most of them look exactly the same – similar prices, clean units in various shapes and sizes, insurance and secured premises etc. So, question is how to pick up the one that best fits you. Do not approach this important decision randomly. The best thing to do in such a case is to simply go for the company and service that offers you a better deal.

Some of the most common bonuses that man and van companies are going to offer to you if you go for their storage services are as follows:

  • Free move to storage. This simply means that when you decide to get a unit, the company will send a van to collect the items that you need to get stored and drive them to the facility for you, free of charge. You cannot image how much driving and hassle this is going to save you.
  • Holiday specials. Many man and van companies follow the example of other businesses and offer attractive discounts around the holidays. Most often these are the days around Christmas, so be on the lookout for potential discounts that are going to save you quite a few bucks that you might better invest in other urgent matters – like buying presents for all your family.
  • Free upgrade. This one applies in case you have already hired a storage unit, but after some time you want to change the conditions of the contractor and get a cell that is larger (because you have more items to move to storage) or simply want one with additional features like humidity and temperature control. There are companies out there that would gladly make the change free of charge if you are a loyal client.
  • Other kind of a very popular discount that you might get is the Refer to a friend one. This means that you will have a great discount in case that you get a friend or a colleague of yours use the storage or other services of the company you are working with now.
  • Most storage facilities do not come with mandatory contracts – meaning that you can hire them on a month-to-month basis. So, the companies taking care of the units would be glad to offer you a number of contract specials in order to encourage you to actually sign a contract for a longer period of time.
  • Another deal that you can make excellent use of is getting free boxes after you hire a certain unit. You will always find a way to make use of those packing supplies.