The MOSI, One of Manchester’s Finest Museums

London isn’t the only city in England with world famous museums. Manchester is home to the Museum of Science and Industry which is one of the most renowned and visited museums in the United Kingdom.

Museum of Science and IndustryThe Museum of Science and History is more shortly known as MOSI and is decided to the development of science, technology and industry. The museum emphasizes on Manchester’s achievements in these three fields. The museum was opened in 1983 and is situated on Liverpool Road. At the moment MOSI ranks in 17th place in the United Kingdom in terms of visitations with approximately 830.000 visitors per year. The museum is part of the Science Museum Group which is a non-departamental public body of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, which was merged with the National Science Museum in 2012.

The museum’s collection is divided into several themes which are:

  • Transport- In this collection the visitors of the museum can see a large number of transportation vehicles such as automobiles, railway locomotives, rolling stock and various types of aircrafts such as airplanes, helicopters and so on.
  • Power- In this collection the visitors of the museum can a large number of engines that are run via electricity, steam, and gas. They can also see a numerous water based contraptions that are used for the production of energy.
  • Manchester’s sewerage and sanitation- As the name suggests this collection is decided to the city’s sewerage and sanitation system.
  • Textiles- This theme is dedicated to Manchester’s highly renowned textile industry and the development of the industry throughout the years.
  • Communications and computing- In this collection the museum’s displays a large number of items that are related to the development of communications and computing in the city of Manchester.

The main exhibits of the museum are a complete RAF, Avro Shackleton aircraft which was built locally at Chadderton and Woodford, a Supermarine Spitfire aircraft, a Hawker Hunter aircraft, a kamikaze Ohka aircraft, a replica of the Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine, a semi-complete, semi-replica of Ericsson’s Novelty locomotive, a 1953, British Rail Class 77 locomotive built by Metropolitan-Vickers, a Pakistan Railways 4-4-0 broad gauge locomotive and a 1929, South African Railways GL class Garratt locomotive.

The museum also has a Connected Earth gallery that showcases the history of communications in Manchester and North West England. The gallery was opened in 2007 and is currently one of the museum’s main attractions. MOSI also has two demonstration passenger trains which visitors can ride on selected dates.

As you can see the city of Manchester has its own amazing museums, so as soon as you are done moving to the city via the aid of man and van services, make sure that you visit the MOSI. You will need the assistance of a man and van company for your relocation from to or from Manchester as relocations are irritating tasks that may consume a lot of your time and energy if they are not planned properly.

Note that the MOSI isn’t the only top notch museum of the city, so make sure that you visit the other museums of Manchester as well.