Three of Manchester’s finest schools

The city of Manchester is the sixth most populous city in England. This means that it is perfectly normal that the city is home to some of England’s finest secondary schools. In today’s article we will turn your attention towards three of these schools.


  1. The Manchester High School for Girls.Manchester-High-School-for-Girls

This is the finest secondary school in the city. The school was established in 1874 and is an independent school for girls. At the moment the ithas approximately 950 students from the ages of 4 to 18. Amongst the school’s most notable alumni are Judge Myrella Cohen, actress Eileen Derbyshire, journalist Judy Finnigan, artist Kathleen Hale, Libby Lane the first female Church of England bishop, theatre director Clare Venables and many, many more.


  1. Withington Girls’ School

The second best secondary school in Manchester is also a girls’ one. It was founded 16 year after the above institution in 1890. The following subjects are available to all pupils that are in the third form: English and English Literature, Mathematics, French, Latin, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Physical Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Food and Textile Technology (FTT), History, Geography, History, Art and Drama. As the pupils move up their education other subjects (German, Spanish, Greek, General Studies, Economy and etc) become available to them. At the moment the school has over 600 students from the ages of 7 to 18. Some of the most notable former students of are Kate Abdo, Sarah Burton, Julia Britton, Christine Rice, Sarah Foot and others.


  1. Bede’s College

Unlike the previous schools, St. Bede’s College is a coeducational school that provides secondary education to boys and girls from the ages of 3 to 18. The school was founded in 1876 and is also classified as an independent school. The college has three houses which are Siena, Bosco and Campion. The former students of the school are known as the Old Bedians. Some of the most famous Old Bedians are classical musician Arthur Catterall, folk singer Mike Harding, dramatist Trevor Griffiths, footballer Jimmy Hogan, athlete Andrew Steele, historian Sir Ian Kershaw and numerous more.

As you can see the city of Manchester is indeed home to some of the finest educational institution in England. So rest assured that you won’t have a hard time enrolling your children into a top notch school even if these three are out of your league, once that you move to the city via the services of a man and van company.

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Once you move is over, start scouting the numerous primary and secondary schools of the city.