Travelling to Africa

Imagine if you were one of these people that are able to visit all of the Earth’s continents in a relatively short period of time. International flight attendants have this opportunity along with professional athletes and politicians. Of course average people can do it too but if it is not work related then will end up costing a lot. If you happen to work for a decent UK man and van company, you might be able to afford some trips but it is not going to be a consistent thing. Anyway, we are saying this because there are fantastic places on our planet with interesting people and astonishing natural scenes to see.

The second largest continent in the world is Africa and it holds so many secrets, so many beautiful places but of course some adversities as well. It is a truly unique continent because it has so much of everything and there are very exotic places and animals that people form Europe or America desire to see and visit. The continent is impressive by its size and location. It comprises almost every climatic zone with the exclusion of the polar one. You are able to be at the tropical and sub-tropical zones where the heat is immense but at the same time the equatorial jungle sees a ton of rain every day. This is way they call it the rain forest. So basically Africa houses the largest desert on earthSahara and at the same time it also has jungles with so much rain that London looks like a great place to live year round. If you move south you will go through the temperate climate zone where the weather resembles the one that we have in Central Europe. This zone in Africa, however, is very, very small and it mostly covers the south-eastern parts.

When it comes to animal diversity this is the continent to visit. Animals which live in the desert are nothing like the ones which live in the rain forest. In the jungle the diversity is immense and you can see all sorts of snakes and insects living together with mammals. Not to mention the abundance of plants and all these types of bushes and trees which are impressive to research. If you move south you will reach the savannah and the steppes. This is where all the action that we see in documentaries happen. Zebras, lions, antelopes and many more run around all day long in the tall grass looking for food or simply looking not to become food. If you are lucky you might get taken to such a park and observe these fantastic species in their natural habitat. This is possible only in Africa.

And finally the people of the continent are very interesting too. All are unique in their own way and if you manage to get your hands on a handmade souvenir or decoration it will be a big deal.