6 of the Finest Brands of British Ale

England is one of the finest producers of ale in the world. Here are several brands of beer that you must try at least once in your life.

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  1. Bass-AleBass Ale – This beer was been in production since 1777 and currently considered to be the finest British ale in the world. It can be found in stores in two bottled version. However please note that the bottled version of Bass Ale isn’t anywhere as good as the draft one.
  2. Worthington White Shield – Much more recent than the previous ale, Worthington White Shield has been in production since 1829. The brewery that produces it is owned by Coors Brewery which is an American beer manufacturer. The Worthington White Shield has both draft and bottle versions.
  3. Gale’s Prize Old Ale – This beer is produced by a small brewery in George Gale, Hampshire and isn’t distributed nationally. So if you wish to have a glass of cold Gale’s Prize Old Ale you must make the road trip to a Hampshire based pub. However never drink this ale while it is young because you will certainly dislike it. Instead order a glass of Gale’s Prize Old Ale that is over twenty years old and we promise you that you will enjoy it in full.
  4. Theakston’s Old Peculier – This is undoubtedly England’s best known and most famous old ale. This brand of English beer is a newcomer unlike the other ales that we have on our list, but it is a rookie with attitude. Beer aficionados describe it as magical and come from all over to world to have a glass of it.
  5. Morland Old Speckled Hen – An interesting fact about this ale is that it dates back to 1979, while the yeast from which the beer is made was harvested in 1896. The beer has both on the tap and bottle versions. The latter of which is quickly establishing itself as the most selling ale in the United Kingdom.
  6. Harvey’s Imperial Extra Double Stout – This ale is also known as A. le Coq Imperial Stout and dates back to the 18th century. The beer is so good at one time in history is was the favorite ale of the Empress of Russia. Even more the Russian decided to produce the beer on their territory and opened a brewery in today’s Estonia which produced the ale until the 1960s.

Other well-known British brands of beer are Robinson’s Old Tom, Wadworth 6X and Mackeson Stout.