Bars that you want to visit at least once

Today we will turn your attention towards several bars that you will absolutely want to visit during your lifetime.

Northern Lights Bar

This established is situated on the island country of Iceland. The building that houses the bar is described by both travelers and construction experts as an architectural masterpiece. Its distant location from the city in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes allows its guests to gaze at the fascinating night sky and marvel the northern lights from a front row seat while enjoying some quality time.

White Lyan

The White Lyan is located in the London district of Hoxton and is credited to be the best bar in the English capital. Founded by renowned mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana, the establishment is known worldwide for its large assortment of unique cocktails. The White Lyan is frequent packed which means that you should most likely call in advance and make reservation if you are planning to visit it in the near future. But before you do so, make sure that you arrange all the details with the man and van company that assisted you with your removal project.

White Rabbit

White RabbitLocated in Moscow, the White Rabbit is described by many tourists to be the finest bar and restaurant in the Russian capital. It has a comfortable and cozy ambiance which is perfectly complicated by the glass windows and ceilings which provide astonishing views of different parts of the city.

The Clinic Bar

One of Singapore’s most popular establishments, the Clinic Bar is famed for its unusual interior decorations and atmosphere as guests are seated in wheelchairs and their beverages are served in IV bags. The bar has a huge menu with both international and local cocktails and drinks that will ensure you having a great time with your friends.

Zetter Townhouse

Known for its vintage décor, the Zetter Townhouse is located in the eponymous hotel in Clerkenwell, London. The cocktail menu has been formulated by highly acclaimed bar tender Tony Conigliaro who is known for his one of kind experimental techniques. Tourist also describe the establishment as a much visit site, so make sure that you go and unwind at the Zetter Townhouse once your relocation is over and you have paid for the man and van services that you have received.

Club 33

This private club is situated in the heart of New Orleans Square in Disneyland, California. The bar was opened during the late 1960s and can be accessed only via a yearly fee as it has an exclusive guest list. The club is considered to be one of the themed park’s greatest secrets but former guests have shared that the experience and secrecy is fully worth it.

The Ice Bar

The Ice BarIf you like your drinks cold then the Ice Bar in Quebec, Canada is the ideal establishment for you as the entire property is made from ice including the furnishings. The bar is considered to be one of the city’s main landmarks and despite the low temperature we guarantee that you will enjoy a memorable time that you will keep you warm for a long time.

Other notable bars:

  • Sky Bar in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Safe House in Milwaukee, USA
  • Alien Bar in Chur, Switzerland
  • Ozone Bar in Hong Kong
  • Bicycle Bar in Bucharest, Romania