Dollies and Crates – Removals Made Easier!

In many instances, property removals require super-fast completion which may involve relocating a large number of small specific objects, specialised equipment or single heavy items.Crate Each of these tasks makes the removal project more complex and time consuming, even for experienced man and van companies. In light of this, there are two devices, part of the equipment list of any well-established moving company, and these are the humble but invaluable dollies and crates.

The dolly as it is commonly known is basically a rectangular frame with four, heavy duty (no suspension) wheels attached to its bottom. There are also plastic frame dollies. A normal grade dolly would have about two hundred and fifty millimetre recess. The dolly has rubber lined wheels for noise reduction and has a staggering payload capacity of two hundred and fifty kilos, and these are just your average dollies! The purpose of the dolly is to be loaded with crates or other items that fit is frame and recess, and have these pushed along easily from the premises to the removal vehicles outside. Man and van service providers have different type and size dollies – they will use the most suitable one, depending on the weight and volume of the items being moved.

Dollies work in combination with crates. Plastic crates are not just purposed for removals, as anyone with a garage hobby knows, plastic crates are versatile and relatively durable storage containers suitable for anything that fits inside them. Usually, man & van personnel will stack crates on top of the dolly. If customers are shifting a large number of crates with different contents, it is best to label each crate or colour code it, for easier tracking and unpacking. Plastic removal crates have a lockable lid – this is good news as spills do happen. The crates vary in size and capacity. If shifting heavy items or materials, consider a sufficient number of crates. When stacking crates on a trolley, even as they have interlocking lids and bottoms, you need to observe the load limit of the dolly and be careful not to stack crates too high – this is dangerous for you, the movers and the premises.

A valuable tip for those people moving office – an eighty litre crate with an attachable lid, commonly known as LC3 to man & van service providers, fits the entire content of a filing cabinet drawer. Net weight of the LC3 container is about four kilos. Good quality removal crates are manufactured of a composite plastic material known as polypropylene. The polypropylene allows for sufficient durability and flexibility of the crate whilst keeping its net weight relatively low. Keep in mind the dolly’s dimensions must match the crates’ size.