Moving Abroad – To Sell or Take Along?

Moving overseas is something quite normal in the modern world.Plane People move back and forth in search of better job opportunities, higher living standard and what not. When in the process of planning and organising an international property removal many people ask themselves – “Is it cheaper and more efficient to sell all of my belongings prior to leaving, or pack everything up and take it along?”.
According to UK man and van service providers that deal with overseas relocations, whether to sell or keep is the most asked question by customers. A recently conducted research amongst UK individuals, who have moved abroad in the last few years, showed that eighty percent of all people who have moved have sold their belongings prior to moving and now wished they hadn’t done so. There are many reasons why it is better to keep your items and belongings instead of selling them before the relocation. A well-established international man and van company will likely advise you to hold on to your stuff, not because they want to make more money off you but because of the exact opposite.
An international moving company that wishes to remain anonymous has provided a very simple and logical explanation as to why people should not sell their stuff before the removal. The average overall cost of a professionally organised relocation service from the UK to anywhere in Australasia is about thirty seven hundred pounds. When compared to the purchase cost and value of people’s belongings it is simply not worth it as usually items are much more expensive than the removal costs. The same man & van company also pointed out a very human so to say reason as to why it is better not to sell belongings before leaving. Moving overseas is usually a stressful and even frightening experience.
Being surrounded by foreigners in a foreign country is much more affective than the culture shock many people speak of, and being surrounded by familiar things – your own things, will provide for much needed comfort during the initial adjustment stage. Making the transition period smooth and non-stressful is especially important for the youngsters in the household, and helping them through familiar surroundings i.e. keeping your belongings and furniture instead of selling and buying new will be that help.
Furthermore, if one was to sell off their belongings, finding and purchasing similar items can be difficult and costly, even impossible. One such situation would make the removal impractical and more of a hassle than it should be. All in all, advice coming from the professionals is not to sell your belongings, or at least not the essential ones as this will make the relocation much more practical and less stressful.