Five Amazing Grade I Buildings in the City of Manchester

The city of Manchester is home to some of England’s most fabulous buildings and structures. This is why we have decided to list down some of the most popular Grade I edifices and structures in the city.

  1. Albert MemorialAlbert Memorial – The Albert Memorial is the largest monument on Albert Square which is the city’s most prolific square. The memorial commemorates the Prince Consort and features a marble statue depicting Prince Albert standing on a plinth and facing towards the west. The statue of the prince was designed by Matthew Noble while the memorial is designed by Thomas Worthington. The memorial is topped with an ornate spire and on each side has a crocketed gable with canopied pinnacles on colonettes. The memorial dates back to the mid 19th century and since its completion has been rescued from destruction on several occasions. The memorial was fully restored in 1977 by Robert Ernest.
  2. Manchester Town Hall – This Grade I building is the ceremonial headquarters of the Manchester City Council. The edifice also house several other local government departments. The town hall is located on Albert Square is close proximity to the aforementioned Albert Memorial. The construction of the building began in 1868 and ended a decade later in 1877. The most famous feature of the Manchester Town Hall is its clock tower which is 85 meters tall and is one of the tallest structures in the city.
  3. Manchester Cathedral – The Manchester Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral and Collegiate of St. Mary, St. Denys and St. George. The cathedral is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Manchester and the seat of the bishop. The Manchester Cathedral is situated on Victoria Street in the central parts of the city. The central parts of the city are home to numerous local businesses such as man and van services. The presence of numerous moving companies makes removals to the central parts of Manchester an easy task. The tower is the main feature of the cathedral with a height of 41 meters.
  4. Manchester Art Gallery – The Manchester Art Gallery is a publicly owned art gallery which is located Mosley Street in the central parts of the city. The gallery dates back to 1824 and is presently houses in a total of three edifices the oldest of which is the Grade I building. The building was designed by prominent architect Sir Charles Barry and originally housed the Royal Manchester Institution. The fact that the gallery lies in central Manchester means that the residents of the area won’t only have an easy access to numerous public services such as man and van services, but that they will have an easy access to the gallery as well.

Former Bank of England building- This Grade I edifice is located on 82 King Street in the Manchester area of Deansgate. The building was designed by Charles Robert Cockerell and was built during the 1940s and officially opened in 1946. The Former Bank of England building is currently maintained by the Manchester City Council.