France, a country with great food and little work hours

Nowadays more and more people are moving to France for a myriad of reasons. So if you are reflecting on whether you should change the scenery and move to another country, you should certainly place France as a major contender on your list of possible destinations. To aid you make a final decision we have listed several reasons which France an advantage over the other countries in the world.
ParisBut before we present to you our list we want to give a piece of advice and tell you that it is for the best if you use professional man and van services when you decide to move. By using professional moving services you relocation will be less stressful and more pleasant for you and your family. Know that you won’t have a hard time finding a moving company that provides professional man and van services from the United Kingdom to France and vice versa.
As funny as it sounds but the biggest advantage that France has over the other countries is the bread. Every French bakery has a multitude of tasty breads to choose from. Of course let’s not forget the famous baguette which is undoubtedly the flagman of all French breads. Also take into account that France is maybe the only place in the world where you can walk the street and eat a baguette and not attract attention towards you.
The second advantage of France is once again a food, cheese. There is a saying that France produces so many types of cheese that one can eat a different type of cheese everyday of the year and more importantly that the days in the year will end but the types of cheese won’t. While nobody knows exactly how many types of cheese France produces, one thing is certain that they are all delicious and that you will eat cheese at once a day.
Let’s put the foods aside for a while on concentrate on several delicious beverages that France offers to its populations and visitors. Wine is of course the most French libation possible but you may not know that French coffee is amongst the best in the world. While France doesn’t produce coffee beans, it makes some tasty cups of coffee which in combination with an orange juice and fluffy chocolate croissants are the ideal way to commence the day.
In terms of work, France is a real heaven as the legal work week is 35 hours. If you work more than that your employer is obligate to pay you an overtime fee. Also you get five weeks of paid leave for every year that you work and you have 13 bank holidays. Last but not least the country is willing to aid you with your rent and a monthly bonus of €240 if you’re not earning a lot.
So now that you know that France offers great landmarks, an amazing culture, tasty food and excellent and well paid professional opportunities, don’t wait a minute longer and call your man and van company to come and pack your belongings as you are moving to France.
However if your French is rusty or non-existent it is for the best if you take some lessons before you relocate to France.