Packing advice from the pros

Packaging materialsThere are many things that you can do in order to make your home removal experience hassle and stress free. Ask whoever has ever carried out a removal of any scale and nature, and you will receive the same answer over and over again – packing is the job that you should pay most attention to. Properly packed belongings ensure that your move will be carried out properly, without any complications, on time and up to the most satisfactory results. So read our advice on packing, complied by a team of professional man and van relocation experts with years of experience in the field:
· Make a list
First and foremost you should decide what you are going to take with you in the new place. Go through your stuff and put aside everything that you are going to throw away, recycle, give to someone or sell. Then write down everything left, so that you do not forget a vital item you are going to need at your new property. The list should include both large items such as the sofa and the fridge and the smallest pieces – dishes, cups or your toothbrush.
· The materials and supplies
Every man and van moving expert knows that you cannot get enough packing materials and supplies. These include boxes, bubble wrap etc. Having enough of those items will make your life considerably easier. Make sure that the boxes are made of strong materials, even if they cost a bit more – you will never regret that investment.
· Organizing the boxes
You will make both yours and your man and van movers life easier if you take the time to arrange the boxes you are going to take with you to your new place properly. Here the crucial moment is carefully labeling the content of each box, so that it is clear what is in it. Thus your movers will know where it should go in the van itself, because it will most likely that they employ a strategy for arranging the boxes so that the items that you are going to need first at the new place would also be the ones that get off the van first.
· Ask
If you feel hesitation concerning the manner in which you should carry out the packing at your place, do not think twice about asking your man and van company for help – after all, that is why you pay them. You can even hire movers to take care of the move for you, if you do not feel that you are up to the task. Most man and van contractors offer free advice over the phone or e-mail, so ask when you contact them for a quote.
In short, proper packing is the key to a successful removal. It all comes down to organization, getting the right supplies and adequate help from licensed and experienced movers. Follow the tips above and you will find the whole experience a lot more pleasant than you have expected.