Inside the Mechanics of Piccadilly Gardens Fountain

At the moment, Manchester city authorities are working to restore Piccadilly Gardens Fountain to its full function.  Last year, the water feature was shut down due to pump and tank failure. The affected mechanisms and devices required extensive repair and reconditioning thus the fountain’s lengthy downtime.

Piccadilly-Gardens-FountainRecently authorities granted access and filming permission to local media to enter and explore the vast engine room underneath the fountain. The elaborate system of hydraulics and machinery beneath Piccadilly Gardens powers all the fountains and other water features of the gardens.

One issue faced by engineers was the presence of the Big Wheel on top of the fountains’ engine and control rooms as it prevented sufficient access of manpower and repair equipment. This was one of the reasons why repair work took so long to begin. Currently, authorities are working around the clock to meet the tight schedule, as the Big Wheel is dismantled as of last month, but it won’t be such for long.

Chief engineers and local authorities though speak of a massive project which may take longer than expected to complete. It is the sheer scale and complexity of that machinery and the nature of the repairs that need doing which could possibly prolong the project. Local media which were allowed in the vast underground complex, report on large number of hi-tech control rooms, extensive hydraulic networks, spanning the entire length of Piccadilly Gardens. Since the Big Wheel is not on top at the moment, engineers have been able to review the equipment and compile a report outlining what needs to be done exactly and how long it is expected to take, keeping in mind repairs must be completed as soon as possible. So far, damage report focuses on issue with the many water pumps and tanks which are part of the elaborate control system of the fountains. There are a total of fourteen, high powered water pumps which need proper maintenance, the same goes for the large water holding tank as well as the additional smaller tanks. Hydraulic engineers are expected to replace the existing plexiglass tanks with concrete ones, by doing this the fountains will become even more powerful and attractive, in turn making Piccadilly Gardens even nicer for the public. Perhaps the only issue, if it can be referred to as such is the unclear completion date of the repair and maintenance project.

Piccadilly Gardens Fountain was constructed for the Commonwealth Games in two thousand two. The underground control system and the rooms which it uses now, were initially a public toilet which had been sitting there for decades. The gardens themselves have been subject to many changes and alterations during the years.  There were different features removed in favour of newer infrastructure as well as a number of other alterations. At one point there was an infirmary and a gardener’s house nearby the fountains.

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