Means of Transportation

We cannot imagine our world without the current means of transportation. We’ve come to a point where we are pretty much dependent on your vehicles, ships, planes and well…submarines. Humanity has had this type of conveniences only for about a century and a half and we love it. If you ask a 25 year old if they could survive during the 18th century they will laugh to your face – and then maybe cry. Covering distances is something we do not even think about anymore. Going to work every day might take about an hour or more but we are fine with it. 2 centuries ago we would need 1 full day just to cover this distance. Now we can fly and sail freely and very safely. Come to think of it, these two types of transportation are the safest.

Ground transportation is our bread and butter

Moving TruckBut ground transport is the most popular one yet. Sure, when we need to go to the other side of the world we fly but for every day activities we need our cars, vans, trains and busses. People don’t just go back and forth for fun. Take a look at a busy boulevard for about 10 min. You will notice how many professional service vehicles you will see. There are:

  • Plumbers
  • Cleaners
  • Movers
  • Distributors

There are actually many more but we simply cannot list them before this article is finished. Our cities become busy mainly because of the number of vehicles we drive. A study showed that 200 people can fit on about 500 square feet if put on a street. But if all of these people are in cars then the space needed grows exponentially. We rarely care about that though –most people tend to be selfish and they think that their one car is not the cause of the traffic problems. One thing is sure – we will keep driving. Now let’s think about people who really need to drive in order to survive. Many of them have embraced this as their own career path. Some of them are cab and bus drivers and they transport people.

Transporting goods is equally important

Others provide man and van or removal services and they also need to be on the street. Either way these larger vehicles take up a lot of space and communities need to think about giving them more space to operate. They cannot simply stop and go home. Many argue that vans should be allowed to drive in the “BUS” lane but others suggest that this will cause more harm than good. Either way the people who simply drive to their offices are the ones who should think about using something else such as a bike or the subway. Professional services need to be executed by drivers in trucks and vans – there is no way around it.

All of this will reduce the number of traffic accidents too. By being the most popular means of transportation, ground transport is also the most dangerous one because streets and roads are crowded.