Seven Reasons Why You Should Relocate to Manchester

Piccadilly-GardensEngland is home to numerous world famous cities and one of them is Manchester. It is located in the northwestern parts of the county and is currently one of the most developed and charming English cities. Here are several reasons why you should relocate to Manchester if you are looking for a change of scenery.

  1. Architecture – Unlike most English cities, Manchester doesn’t have its own and unique architectural style. Instead the city is a mixture of old and new buildings which create a one of a kind atmosphere. Many urban experts describe the city as a perfect amalgamation of new and old.
  2. Nightlife – London isn’t the only English city with a vibrant nightlife. In fact many would argue with reason that Manchester is the nightlife capital of the United Kingdom. The city is home to some of England’s finest public houses, bars and clubs. It is also one of the most luminous British cities.
  3. Piccadilly Gardens – Manchester is home to Piccadilly Gardens, one of England’s most famous and visited green spaces. The gardens are situated in the heart of the city and tend to attract domestic and foreign visitors by the numbers. The main feature of Piccadilly Gardens is the Wheel of Manchester which is 52.7 metres tall Ferris wheel that provides amazing views of the city.
  4. Football – The city is home to two of England’s best football clubs, Manchester United F.C and Manchester City F.C. The former is currently England’s most successful football club with 20 domestic titles, 15 domestic cups and a total of five European cups from different European champions including three from the European Cup also known as the Champion’s League. This means that you will have plenty of opportunities to watch high quality football games in person once your Manchester man and van company finishes with the move.
  5. Manchester City Hall – Considered to be the most beautiful council building in the county, the Manchester City Hall is a must visit site. The construction of the edifice started in 1868 and ended nine years later in 1877. The building is built in the Victorian, Neo-gothic style and is located in close proximity to Albert Square which is the city’s main public square.
  6. Manchester Art Gallery – This is one of the finest art galleries not only in the UK but in Europe as well. The Manchester Art Gallery has established in 1823 and is one of the oldest in the country. It hosts exhibits on a regular basis and often displays the works of some of the finest artist in history. So, make sure that you visit the gallery as soon as your man and van in Manchester in properly completed.
  7. Beer – Manchester is known to be the home of some of England’s finest breweries. So if you are a true ale aficionado you would certainly love living in Manchester. There are so many top notch local breweries that you will be able to drink a different type of ale each day of the year.