Some of the Best Places in Britain

The first and most important thing that you know when you are moving your home is of course not which man and van contractor you are going to use to help you with the job – that comes later. What you have a very good idea of is where you are relocating to. In case you are not moving because of a career change, but rather because you are tired of the place you live in, you have the freedom to choose the location you are relocating too. Fortunately, England has so many magnificent places to offer you that you will definitely be able to make the best choice. Listed below are a number of the most intriguing towns and cities in the country at the present moment:

  • Bath-Sutton-StreetBath – one of the towns with the most interesting architecture in the country. Since most of Bath is actually within a world heritage site under the protection of UNESCO, you are unlikely to see a new building here. The place was first built by the Romans, and later it became a popular resort.
  • Devon is usually associated with craggy coves and cream teas, strolls in the surf and other romantic scenes, which make every visit to the place  a real pleasure for the senses. Here you will have the chance to enjoy both good food and great outdoors – what else can a person want from life, especially when trying to escape the hassle and the stress of the big city?
  • Some of the villages in the Lake district can also turn out to be just the thing you have been looking for. They have inspired generations of poets and artists, so chances are that they are going to inspire you too.
  • Cornwall definitely has the best coastline in Britain. People say that there are over 300 miles of beautiful dunes and cliffs that make up some of the most magnificent scenery in these parts of the country. The remains of medieval harbors and large forests along the coast only add up to the picture. Pick up a town or a village in the area, and you will be able to fully appreciate the meaning of the words peace and quiet.
  • Suffolk is a favorite summer location for tourists in England. If you want extensive beaches and place to play games, relax or have fun with family and friends, this is the place for you. Naturally, Suffolk is a vibrant and busy place during the summer season, but becomes nearly deserted in winter, when all the seasonal workers and tourists are gone. This might be just up to the taste of some people, but others find it too much – so consider carefully whether you really want to move to Suffolk.
  • London – well, we cannot miss that. If you live in the countryside and long for a vibrant, multi-cultural and interesting community to live in, then you will definitely find it in London, which is an universe of its own – and that’s not even an exaggeration.