The Most Epic Cliffs in the World

The world is full of epic cliffs which are worth seeing. Some of these cliffs are high, while others have waves that crash at their bottom. Other cliffs are inhabited while others are unconquerable. The only thing that all these cliffs have in common is that they are simply breathtaking and we will present some of them to you.

Kalaupapa-CliffsHawaii is home to numerous natural wonders and one of them is the Kalaupapa Cliffs. They are the highest sea cliffs in the world (610 meters) and their top can be reached only by hiking or helicopter. So if you are planning a vacation to Hawaii make sure that you include that site in your itinerary.

Chile is a mountainous country, so it is perfectly logical that it is the home of some of the world’s most astonishing cliffs. The Torres del Paine are snowy cliffs which attract hiker and climbers from all over the world. Their name derives from the Spanish word for “tower” and the Tehuelche Indian word for “blue”. From afar they as blue as the sky above them and can be distinguished only because of their snowy caps.

Located in northern France, the Etretat Cliffs are the country’s most majestic sea cliffs. They are situated next to one of France’s finest northern beaches and are easily accessible via foot or vehicles. At the top of the cliffs stands a church which is one of the area’s most renowned and visited landmarks.

El Tajo more commonly known as Ronda is an emblematic Spanish cliff. It was the last Moorish stronghold to be retaken by the Spaniards. The area in which the cliffs are located is known to be the birthplace of bull fighting. So if you don’t want to visit ultra famous Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia you can certainly consider going to Ronda near the province of Malaga.

The White Cliffs of Dover are located on the southern coastline of the United Kingdom. They are so tall and white that they can be easily seen from across the English Channel in France. The cliffs are 110 meters tall and are arguably the most famous natural landmark of that type in Europe. So as soon as your man and van project is over you can take your family on a road trip to the city of Dover and see the White Cliffs with your own eyes. Don’t be hesitant into using man and van services when you are moving, as nowadays most companies work with affordable prices and more importantly have the necessary know-how and tools to easily handle any type of removal.

Latrabjarg Cliffs in Iceland are the westernmost border of the European continent. These cliffs are also Europe’s largest bird cliffs as approximately 40% of the world’s bird population nests on the cliffs. The cliffs are 440 meters high and stretch over 14 kilometers. They are also one of Iceland’s most prominent natural landmarks.