The Pros and Cons of Living in Spain

SpainMany British people have made Spain their second home, which is quite an understandable choice – the climate, lifestyle, cheaper living costs etc. are all important factors which influence one such decision. For those who are still organising their relocation to Spain, by all means take your time with choosing the right man and van company as moving internationally is quite different (and more complex) than moving places domestically. In all cases, it is advisable to secure a fully comprehensive relocation service which covers all aspects and stages of your international relocation as there are too many issues and considerations to account for.

Living in Spain has its ups and downs, pros and cons whatever you like to call it. Before moving overseas though, keep in mind – wherever you go, you cannot tick all the boxes so to say, there will always be certain downsides of living at the chosen location. Spain makes no exception.

Here are some fundamental upsides (given as feedback by British expats) of living in Spain:

The pace and rhythm of everyday life in Spain is more relaxed and many Brits find it more bearable and pleasant.

Overall, Spanish people are friendlier and more willing to help out (a statement by a British lady who has lived in bunch of countries around the world).

Another British lady living in Spain (a keen shopper) loves the fact that shop assistants don’t follow people around asking if they need any help. She says – if you want to be left to your own devices, and browse and roam isles and stands freely (without the over concerned shop assistant tailing you), then Spain is the place to be.

Another specific of shopping in Spain – avoid interrupting the shop assistant (even when you do need help) when they are engaged in a vigorous conversation with another staff member. If you got a handle on the language, you will likely pick-up they are talking about something silly or mundane though viewed as highly important – interrupting and asking for help would be met with a dry ‘what do you want’ – one of the peculiars of Living in Espana.

Personal banking in Spain is also fun – unlike the UK, in Spain you get a printed document and receipt for every single banking transaction you do. Not the most environmentally friendly solution, but one that is necessary as sometimes banks like to slip the odd charge here and there in hope customers won’t notice. So, don’t shred the receipts before checking them – if you were charged in error, the bank will diligently refund the payment immediately – which is one of the good things about banking in Spain.

Parties and RSVP – in Spain life is extremely social (people and weather to blame) so when you invite people over for a birthday bash for instance, don’t expect them to answer right away with a clear Yes or No. However, expect a larger turn out – it’s just how they do things. If you invited twenty people – by all means prepare for at least thirty.