Things to have at home

Furnishing your home is sometimes a tough task but is also one that many people find interesting and fun. In fact there are those who have it as a profession. Top class interior designers will expect to be paid a lot of money and will most likely do miracles with your furniture. Most people, however, prefer having practical and useful things at home and only after that they start thinking about how it looks. Money matters and often folks don’t even think about how well their kitchen table combines with the colour of the stove or the shelves. This being said, we will discuss further the role and not so much the looks of some useful pieces you might want to have at home.

Chairs are one of the most used pieces of furniture inside of your home. You need them everywhere:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Patios

Furniture saleThey come in so many shapes and sizes. They price depends not only on that but on the type of materials used as well. You need to know the difference between various types of chairs and also be sensible about where you put them. A kitchen chair will be extremely out of place in the middle of your living room. These pieces are a little stiffer and are not meant for people to sit on them for longer periods of time. Their design usually forces your body to sit straight up which is really important when eating. They don’t have any cushions and if they do they are relatively thin. For your living room you want either an armchair or a sofa. Stools are also a great option as they are not big and do not take up a lot of space. If your house or apartment is not very large you might think of a more revolutionary way to store your chairs while they are not used. A wise and also good looking way of achieving this is to hand them on the wall. Now of course you will need folding chairs for that purpose. But you can put some colourful pieces of cloth on them or maybe paint the chairs themselves and as you fold them you put them on the wall. This way you have both functionality and decoration – ideal for small premises. You perhaps need just one chair for your bedroom. It is usually placed in front of a make-up table. Just make sure you don’t use this chair as a wardrobe because it looks terrible. Piling clothes on it won’t make a good impression and the room will look messy. Chairs are also easy to move. Once you decide on changing your residence there is no reason to why you should not have your chairs loaded on a van and delivered to your new home. Actually here is some info on how often people in different countries buy new chairs and get rid of the old ones:

Country Years
UK 11
Germany 15
Czech Republic 17
France 13

Nobody can live without a certain number of tables at their house

Living roomFlat surfaces are an essential part of any house. Yes, we are talking about tables. We will also mention cupboards and shelves but they can wait for now. Your kitchen table should be relatively big and be able to accommodate at least 6 people sitting around it. You will find a number of sliding tables which when folded are in the shape of a square. Once you slide them open they turn into a rectangular and can serve 6 or 8 people. Having the colour match the one of the chairs is always a bonus. Make sure you select the right cover for it as well. After all you do not want to damage the finish of this fine piece. With your living room table you have plenty of options. The size is usually at least twice as small as the one of your kitchen table. On top of that you want your living room table to have short legs. In other words this is your coffee table. You can go with different materials. Many people prefer having a glass top. Other stick with wood. It all depends on the colour and material of your chairs, sofa and cabinets in your room. You just want to make sure that it is not too small but not too big either. Also make sure you buy some sort of a detergent or another solution which easily cleans and refreshes glass or wood. In your bedroom you most likely do not need a table and can simply stick to a cabinet, drawer or a night stand.

Put things up in the air (well not exactly)

Shelves are extremely important. You need to store your books and your gifts somewhere. You also use them to display your decoration. And one of the most important things is the fact that shelves accommodate stuff above. What do we mean? Well you only have so much square footage when it comes to your floor. So putting a TV, a sofa, a table, chairs, cabinets and the occasional plant will use up pretty much all you have in terms of space. Shelves allow you to put things over your head without having to trip over them. Some people even put larger pieces of furniture on the wall in order to save space. This way you can even store things such as books, supplies, utensils and so on. Your walls are also not going to be empty and you will have less space to cover with decorations. It is a complete win-win situations – use the space above your head wisely.

You can’t live without electronic and electric devices as well. Make sure you have a decent TV and sound system in your living-room but also be sure to have pretty nice appliances in the kitchen. After all this is where you store and prepare your food. You want to take good care of it so spend some money on a fridge, a stove and a washing machine. Even though microwave ovens are a bit controversial you might want to have one of these as well. How you arrange your appliances really matters. Don’t put the fridge next to the stove.