Tips on how to relocate with a pet

Removals are stressful to humans so you can imagine their immense toll on pets. If you are a pet owner who is about to move, keep reading because we will present to you several tips which will allow you to make your relocation a more pleasant event for you and your pet.
DogStart by finding a moving company that provides pet-friendly man and van services. Make sure to scout several removal companies before you hire one. This way you will be able to hire the company that offers the best pet-friendly moving services at the most reasonable prices.
Once you have hire a man and van company for your relocation, call your veterinarian and make an appointment. Inform your vet that you are relocating and that you want him/her to conduct a full medical check-up. If you are going to go through a long distance relocation ask your vet to provide you sedatives so that you can sedate your pet if necessary. Also don’t forget to ask the veterinarian to give you all the medical documentation of your pet. You will have to present these documents to the new vet that will look after your pet once your relocation is over.
Next head to your new home and make it pet-proof and pet-friendly. By doing so you will ease your pet’s acclimatization to its new surroundings and more importantly you will protect your new home from all pet related damages. Lastly before you call it a day, conduct a final check-up of the home just to be sure that you haven’t missed anything.
While you are packing your belongings and preparing for the relocation don’t be negligent towards your pet. Your pet will be having a hard time to understand why you are altering his surroundings so every now and then find time to cuddle your pet and play with it. This makes things easier for your pet and will allow you to rest from all the packing, lifting and loading.
If you own a cat or dog you can lock the animal into a room when the movers arrive. This way you will spare your pet the anxiety of having strangers into his home and more importantly you will protect the removalists from your pet’s anger. Let out your cat or dog once the man and van company has loaded everything into the moving van and has gone to delivery your belongings at your new home.
Take your pet in your personal automobile with you and don’t forget to soil your pet while you are on the road. This will help your pet accept the fact that he/she is leaving its known surroundings.