Trafford – Explore a Few of Its Areas

Davyhulme Millennium Nature Reserve

When people around the world hear the name Manchester, they do not immediately think about the city.  The one thing that generally springs to mind is Manchester United Football Club – one of the most decorated and famous football clubs in the world. And of course, everyone knows about Old Trafford – the team’s home grounds. Thus the borough of Trafford enjoys a much higher popularity than other boroughs of Manchester as well.

Here we would like to point your attention to some of best places in these parts of Manchester, no matter whether you are looking for a place to live, work or study at. Let’s have a look at four key locations that are to be found throughout Trafford.

The market town

Altrincham WA14, WA15 is a relatively large town and a market centre of great prominence that ...

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Let’s look more closely at Bury

Nuttall Park

Bury is Metropolitan Borough which lies in the northern parts of Greater Manchester. It is composed of six towns and according to the latest census has an estimate population of 188.000 and a density rate of 4.900 people per square mile. The borough spreads over an area of 38.40 square miles and was created during the mid-1970s. It is the location of numerous well-known schools, monuments, touristic sites, entertainment venues and some of Greater Manchester’s most popular districts.

The area of Fishpool, BL9, lies in the western parts of the borough. It began growing during the late 19th century and quickly got nicknamed ‘Piano Town’ as a large number of local households had a piano. Gigg Lane is perhaps the district’s most famous structure...

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Several of Wigan’s Interesting Areas

St Benedict Catholic Church, Hindley

The Metropolitan Borough of Wigan is one of the larger administrative divisions of Greater Manchester in northwest England, UK. The borough shares a name with its largest component town – Wigan. Population of the Wigan Borough is about 380 thousand people, whereas Wigan town is home to about 90 thousand residents. Including Wigan town, the borough is currently made up of 15 suburbs or villages. The Borough of Wigan is the result of a 1974 merger of several other districts and parishes. Wigan Borough shares a border with City of Salford, and Metropolitan Borough of Bolton.

How the borough was formed and named

Metropolitan Borough of Wigan was officially formed on 1st of April, 1974 (only 2 years after passing the Local Government Act of 1972)...

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Tameside and Several of Its Well-Known Villages, Towns and Districts


Tameside is a metropolitan borough which lies in the eastern parts of Greater Manchester. It spreads over 39.83 square miles and has an estimate population of 220.000 people. It is home to over 300 listed buildings and to a number of world famous places of interest. Some of the county’s most well-known districts and village are situated in the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside.

Ashton-under-Lyne town hallThe market town of Ashton-under-Lyne lies in the northwestern parts of Tameside and has a population of over 45.000 people. Stamford Park is beyond any doubt the village’s most famous green area. It was created in 1873 when local cotton workers managed to purchase the lands from a local mill-owner after a 17 year campaign. Over 60...

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Oldham and six of its most interesting areas

Oldham is the easternmost Metropolitan Borough of Greater Manchester. It covers an area of 55 square miles and has a population of almost 230.000 people. The borough is named after its largest town, Oldham.

Chadderton lies in the western parts of the borough along the course of the River Irk and the Rochdale Canal. It has an estimate of 35.000 residents and is situated at about one mile from the above mentioned town of Oldham. Chadderton, OL1, is home to several well-known landmarks including Foxdenton Hall. The current mansion is the third incarnation of the building as the first two were demolished. The present edifice dates back to the early 18th century and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Georgian manor houses in Greater Manchester...

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The City of Manchester – the heart of the metropolitan area

Northenden Road

Manchester is one of the largest and most important cities in the UK. The Greater Manchester metropolitan area is made up of as many as 10 boroughs, of which the most important is definitely the City of Manchester. On one hand the city centre, on the other a ceremonial borough, it consists of several pretty notable areas. The following guide describes several of the most interesting among them.

Important places in the City of Manchester

The character of Manchester is defined by the following pretty notable areas:

  • Ardwick – located just a mile to the south east of the city centre, Ardwick is a district with predominantly residential functions and a population estimated to be 19 250 by the last census. In relation to the 2002 Commonwealth Games that were held in the neighbouring Eastlands...
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Moss Side – the best inner-city district of Manchester

Moss Side

As one of the largest and most vibrant among British cities, Manchester much logically has many different places. There are colourful multi-cultural areas, working-class districts, industrialized territories and even small villages that were incorporated within Greater Manchester over the years. But when we are talking about the best place in Manchester to live in, there is very little doubt that you are going to find all that you are looking for (and then some more) namely in the area of Moss Side.

Moss Side – where and how much?

You will find Moss Side to be an inner-city district of Manchester, along with an electoral ward. It is located at a comfortable distance from the very heart of the city – some 3.1 kilometers to the south of the centre...

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How to reduce stress when moving

Moving is always stressful, whether you are moving few blocks away or to another country. This is because you are about to experience a change and every change is stressful. You have mixed feelings of fear, excitement, anxiety, etc. There are so many things that need to be taken care of. You need to plan, organize, make lists, and pay attention to every little detail. You start feeling overwhelmed and you lose your stability. Stress arises as the change moves you out of your comfort zone.

It is impossible to have a stress-free removal but you can do few things that will reduce it. You can start with planning and organizing. As long as you feel you are in control, you will be less stressed out. Keep yourself busy and you will have no time to think about negative situations and problems...

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Beach Or Pool: How To Relax After The Removal

So you’ve moved and it’s time to relax a bit. Changing homes is quite exhausting and taking a week off after the whole ordeal is over. Choosing the location is one thing, but there is another principle choice to make – if you’re off to a sunny location, would you be dipping in the sea or drinking cocktails round the pool.

Choices define us as humans and while some situations in life a very important and require great presence of mind, others are not very crucial but still can cause quite the stir between friends. So similarly to what is nowadays popular on the internet we will say: there are two types of people – these who prefer swimming pools and these who would love to sunbathe on the beach...

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Inventors who we owe gratitude for simplifying our lives

Sir John Harrington

There are many items which we take for granted without ever thinking about the person who has invented them in order to make our lives easier.

Willis Carrier

The modern air conditioning unit was invented by American engineer Willis Carrier. He also established Carrier Technologies in 1915, a company which still functions and manufactures AC units to this day. So, the next time you are able to escape from the heat or cold by adjusting the temperature of your household or office, think about Willis Carrier as you owe this comfort to him.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin FranklinPolymath Benjamin Franklin has invented numerous items which we use today, some of his most notable discoveries are:

  • The flexible urinary catheter
  • The odometer
  • Swim fins
  • Glass harmonica
  • Franklin stove
  • Bifocal glasses
  • Lightning rod

He is...

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